Tree of Life Adventures
by Jim Yahne — October 2007 issue of The Christian Journal

Tree of Life, a new Christian, wilderness counseling program serving individuals, youths, & groups is available in Oregon. Tree of Life offers assessments of individual needs, intervention plans, follow up support services, retreat, and wilderness guide services for one day, weekend or up to 21-day wilderness expeditions, year-round.

Tree of Life Christian Wilderness Expeditions is the brain-child and mission of a team coordinated by Jim Yahne. Tree of Life has been licensed since September 2006 by the Children Services Division Outdoor Youth Program (OYP). It is the only licensed Christian Wilderness program in the state of Oregon. Jim Yahne is a certified alcohol and drug counselor with a master's degree in health educator with three decades of experience. The staff is made up of a multi-disciplinary team for individual service planning. This team includes a combination of certified alcohol and drug counselors, guides, teachers, and youth pastors who serve full time with TLC.

Tree of Life Christian Wilderness Expeditions "TLC" is a program offering counseling, mentoring, health education and life skills in a positive and challenging guided wilderness environment.

The idea for TLC was born while cutting firewood near Klamath Falls. During prayer Yahne had a vision of delivering more than fuel for personal warmth. He recalls, "The Lord impressed me with a vision of delivering the eternal "fuel" of the tree of life to individuals and families in a setting that combined the outdoors and counseling in a place where they could obtain life-changing benefits."

Adolescents (13-17) are the target age group for this program. Adults are welcome as well. TLC offers the opportunity of a healthy lifestyle and personal growth in an outdoor setting. Through teamwork, leadership training and personal recreation, the program will benefit anyone struggling with family conflict, school problems, alcohol and/or drug abuse, anger or defiance issues, self-esteem, anxiety and depression. Groups consist of single gender, three to eight participants, with two to three staff.

When Yahne was 16 he was at MacLaren school for boys. He was considered an at risk youth. He went on a Mt. Hood summit climb with Youth for Christ and came to faith in Jesus Christ through that experience. He has continued to serve in outdoor ministries since that time.

The value of TLC is that it gives people an undistracted time apart, and a chance to feel the benefit of being with someone who is caring and offering an objective viewpoint.

Tree of Life's goal is to serve 35-40 youth each year. By taking these youths to rivers, lakes, the ocean, mountains, deserts and winter snow-shoeing expeditions, TLC will teach communication, family dynamics and personal and outdoor skills. In addition to counseling expeditions, TLC offers trips to church groups, schools, business groups, families or custom individual adventures. TLC's goal is to deliver a quality experience that provides hope and improved lives.

For future Treks schedules/reservations/public speaking contact Jim Yahne at 541-281-2956 or email:

Jim Yahne writes from Klamath Falls, Oregon.


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